Yak 11   two seater 1/4 scale order received.

I have been checking carefully the package with green pellets inside.


Please, i wonder about the following: (ref text and pictures)








NR 1 Tail wheel: Wheel missing





NR 2 Elevator: NB The right stab side is fault: I have checked both of the elevators - vice versa - and one of them do not fit as they should. One of them are wrongly produced. At least 6 mm too much sticking out when they are attached close to the stab. The other is ok. On the two bottom pic:  You see that top one is more inside the edge and fit,  but the bottom not.  That one is flush with the edge. Ref your CD manual: Those elevators on the pictures are good.




This is from your CD manual and are correct.










NR 3 Cockpit window: There was no cockpit window frame - ref pic below from your CD manual.

Ref from your CD manual






NR 4 Cockpit:  No woodwork frames and front cover (black) on top of the instrument panel. (Ref your CD manual)






NR 5 Moki 180  2x Exhaust and airfilter missing (ref your email free)





NR 6 No Pianowire for ail, elev and rudder +  screws and tubes for landing gear covers etc are not supplied. Its not a part of the kit ? Not a big deal but just wonder. (Pictures from your CD manual)