Matthias Totto and Alexander's trip to Moscow, Russia

MAKS 2011International Aviation & Space Salon
18.08-22.08 2011, Zhukovsky, FRI named after M.M.Gromov



Mine misch videos

Matthias Strupf from Germany, Alexander S. Halvorsen and Totto Dahle from Norway on this great trip.





Alexander under four exhaust outlets of the big Tupolev Tu-144


Matthias with the wheels etc on the Milmi 26 transport helicopter




Totto under the wings/rockets of the Milmi 24 Hind helicopter

Our friendly guide at Monino



Alexander in front of a Milmi 6 helicopter

Monino: Matthias takes pictures

Monino: Totto in front of a Milmi 24 Hind


Hmm were the h.....are we....we were glad that he had all clear, otherwise the vikings would be lost for good :-)


Some relaxing beer together....we had a few.... :-)



Many thanks for a fantastic trip guys !!!